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Affiliated University – 陸培春留日中心

Affiliated University

Aomori Chuo Gakuin University

Aomori Chuo Gakuin University was founded in April, 1998 as only university which has "Department of Management and Law" in Japan. This university was opened after a half century since Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy was established with the priority of "Education of mind and art" in 1946. Aomori Chuo Gakuin University can be said that serves particular needs for new generation. The specialty of our university is to develop expertise and practical knowledge of management by choosing associated subjects and study of law which are specialized for management.

Our mission is to help students acquire promising specialized knowledge and humanity and is to nourish the ability to open the way to the future. Nowadays, our society is unpredictable in the field of Economic, Industry and Medical service. What should young people do in this situation?

The students should obtain the useful knowledge for your professional and acquire solid qualification. The qualification can prove your skill in every age. Internationalization is trend of the times. It is very necessary to have relationship with young people overseas. Our university supports young people who develop their ability to view things on a global scale and develop human resources that have ability of "Globalization" to contribute in the regions.

People who belong to the university have a basic philosophy of "Love, Wisdom and Truth". We would like to welcome the students who have enterprising sprit and wish to encourage a sense of self-reliance.

Asian Students Cultural Association

Asian Students Cultural Association was established in 1957 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007. Since its founding 50 years ago, the Association’s objective has been to provide a place where scholars and students from the developing countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and young Japanese students could live together like a multi-cultural family in a healthy, sincere atmosphere where mutual understanding could be deepened and friendships nurtured. At the same time, we aimed to implement various plans and cultural activities that would be necessary to make this possible.

Jinno Institute

We take pride in building great people, not just great technicians.

The Jinno Institute provides world-class technical training in a variety of in-demand fields while offering students ample opportunities to develop into well-rounded, culturally-aware individuals able to contribute to and thrive within our ever-changing global economy.

“Be a capable person, knowledgeable, technically skilled and full of passion. Without a doubt, you will become someone who will support the future.”



The KCGI is committed to train highly specialized professionals of applied information technology, to equip them with practical and creative skills, and to promote their willingness and ability to respond to the current and future social needs.



Aomori Chuo Gakuin University

School of Management and Law

*10 grants are available for Malaysian students each year

Support Available to International Students

  1. The total fees reduces to about ¥320,000, from ¥1,000000, for those receiving our scholarship of ¥680,000. Arrangement for outside scholarships are available in the second year. For example, the Hewanakajima Enterprise scholarship is worth ¥100,000 each month for 2 years. The Yoneyama Rotary scholarship is worth ¥120,000 per month for 1 year. The Japan Education Department scholarship is worth is worth ¥48,000 per month for 1 year. And so on so forth.
  2. Admission fees is reduced by half, to ¥100,000.
  3. Application date: September to November for April enrolment, and March to May for October enrolment.
  4. Arrangement for prospective students to have 3 months of fulltime Japanese language intensive course in Kuala Lumpur. The course is mandatory and the fees, including teaching materials, are RM4,000.
  5. Our school owns a 10 stories and a 12 stories dormitories (with an international exchange hall and Academic exchange hall), with a total capacity of 250 students (one student per room) and 140 students (including shared rooms for 2 students). The room fees are reduced by half to ¥26,000 per person for a single room (Entrance charge is ¥50,000).
  6. Enrolment dates are April and October each year.
  7. Upon graduation, students will obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. 

Campus and Education Characteristics

  1. The student body is international in nature, with students from China, Mongolia, Korea, Thailand, Canada and Malaysia (about 30), a total of more than150.
  2. The university arranges for international students to take intermediate to advanced Japanese language classes, from half to one year, during their first year of university in order to help them read, listen, write and speak Japanese.
  3. We have academic exchanges with Peking Second Foreign Language University, Taiwan’s Far East Technology University, America’s ICT College, and Philippines’s Ateneo University. Students are allowed to take courses in these schools and teachers from these school may teach at our university.
  4. First year students are separated into small groups for discussions. English classes are divided by language competence.
  5. Classes for management, law and economics are led by professionals in those fields and taught in small groups.
  6. Our university also welcomes graduate students (master courses). We welcome application from Malaysian students; scholarships are available.