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Information & Services – 陸培春留日中心

Information & Services


  1. 申請手續指導
  2. 旅日生活指導
  3. 出發前日語進修
    萬事起頭難,為了減輕學習日語的難度和讓同學們一抵日本就很快適應日本的環境,本中心每年2 次安排為期3個月的全日制日語課程,由本中心陸社長與2 位日本人老師一起執教,並講解日本社會問題等。
  4. 日本留學刊物出版


Our Centre Provides the Following Services for Our Students

  1. Information service

We provide all the information necessary for further studies in Japan. Our executive director was educated in Japan and has lived and worked for an extensive period there. Therefore, he is well placed to give accurate and knowledgeable information in this field.

  1. Guidance for the admission process

We guide our students through all the steps of the application process. This includes completing the application form, the sponsor letter, and the proof of financial support. We also help students translate all materials written in English or Chinese into Japanese, so as to facilitate the application process.

  1. Preparation for life in Japan

We prepare prospective students for life in Japan as well as introduce them to organizations serving overseas students there. These ensure that our students adjust to their new environment quickly and with the least amount of problem.

  1. Japanese education and further studies

We prepare our students for further studies in Japan by giving them a solid grounding in Japanese language that integrates language studies with studies of Japanese culture and society.

  1. Japanese news and publications

Our centre provides the latest news on Japan as well as publishes books pertaining to different aspects of life and studies in Japan.